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This section contains the on-line version of our presentation and associated handout, which we presented on Friday 1st December 2000.

There are a few points to note before you try viewing this, although we have tested the on-line presentation slide show on various browsers and operating systems, we accept no responsibility for viewing this presentation. You must be aware that it was designed to run on Windows (9x/NTx) machines running Microsoft® PowerPoint™ Version 2000. We haven't tested all versons of this program, so it might work on earlier versions, but we are categorically unsure what affects it will have on the the presentation - might be that you can view it without some of the "animations" which we have included in the presentation!

We do hope that you enjoy the presentation, incidently, the presentation will open in a new browser window. If you wish to pass on any feedback, suggestions, opinions or criticisms, please do so via the Feedback Form, located on the "Contact Us" section of this website. To quit the presentation, simply press the [Esc] key on your keyboard. Enjoy!

To view the presentation, click here.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (You need this installed to view .pdf files!) N.B. If you are using a machine which doesn't have MS PowerPoint (v.2000) installed, you can view the document To view the presentation document in Adobe Acrobat format, to view the document, click here.

To view the presentation handout, click here.

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